eaa3b05096dc044be8c54ea9f24ce342Psychotherapist. Runner. Triathlete. History Buff. Writer. Podcaster.

Born, raised and educated in New York City. Currently hanging my hat in Sacramento, California where lemons grow in my backyard.

Things I am really into: traveling, history, US Presidential trivia, live music, dining out, skiing, watching sports, long conversations, writing, reading and wine. I am a triathlete and runner because I can only think when I am moving. Besides, sitting on your butt all day is not good for you.

In early 2013, I realized that my attention span had completely gone to shit from years of internet and iPhone use as well as being a natural-born squirrel. So I decided to make a conscious effort to retrain my brain by reading physical books. I started reading history books again and in April 2013, I embarked on a project, to read one biography for each of the 44 U.S. Presidents. I am proud to say that I finished this project on New Years Eve 2013 and have not stopped reading since. I am also happy to report that my attention span has lengthened considerably—which has changed EVERYTHING in my life (something I was not expecting).

I also have been hosting a weekly podcast since September 2011, with my friend and colleague, Jerry Kennedy, called The Powder Keg of Awesome. We decided to do this podcast when we realized that the key to making stuff go is to just start. So we just started one day and now we interview people from all sorts of backgrounds and fields about what they do to make their world more awesome.

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