About Jackie…

Psychotherapist. Triathlete. Writer. Born, raised and educated in New York City. I currently run a therapy practice in Sacramento, California.

Passions: traveling, live music, dining out, skiing, shoes, watching sports, time with friends, technology, writing, reading, throwing ideas around and asking questions. I am a triathlete and runner because I don’t think sitting on your butt all day is good for you. I’ve seen Elvis Costello in concert nine times.

My biggest interest is in business and entrepreneurialism: specifically how to use business and capitalism to actually make the world better.

I also host a weekly podcast with my friend and colleague, Jerry Kennedy, called The Powder Keg of Awesome. We decided to do this podcast when we realized that the key to making stuff go is to just start.

I found that I just love helping business owners adjust to massive changes in their work and industries, as well as helping them overcome the arguing and deadlocking that destroys businesses. So now, I use my skills as a psychotherapist to make this happen.


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  2. Jackie,

    Felt compelled to send you an email after readering your article “Seek the Peak, be a LinchPin.” I recently had read also Chip’s book on “Peak” and emailed him regarding a question I had and he was so gracious in responding to my question. Thank you for the reference on Seth Godin book “Linchpin” I will pick up this week.
    If you have the time I would love to hear about “SacGEW”. Is there a web site for SacGEW that I can go to?

    Again great article and right on the money.

    Thank you,

    Roy Frank

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